About Us

Founded in 2007, Cartridge Green is Ireland’s leading provider of home and small business money saving print solutions. We offer a range of printer solutions for home or business users and these solutions come with the benefit of money saving packages for the printer cartridges.Total Freedom is our annual ink subscription that entitles users to free unlimited ink. There are no ink limits, no catches and no fair usage – you can print as much as you like without having to worry about the cost of replacing the ink. This package is available on our entire range of printers.

Fiver Forever gives users the benefit of €5 cartridges for their printer. There is no time limit so it doesn’t matter how much or little you print – you can be sure the cost to replace the cartridge won’t cost you a fortune. Users can, at any time, upgrade from Fiver Forever to Total Freedom.

Our money saving ink packages are available on our entire range of home or small business printers and are ideal if you print photos, school work, general home printing. The Total Freedom package is especially attractive if you have a small business that prints paperwork, invoices, statements, reports and other commercial paperwork.