Managed Print Services



Your business printers and photocopiers are taking up more time and money than you think and when not managed in a certain way the costs can get out of control. Using printer cartridges means that there is no guarantee they will print to the advertised yield while reordering is confusing, time consuming and frustrating. You lose control because managing your printers take time and money and distracts you from what’s really important – driving your business.

Sound familiar? Our solutions are here to help!

Managed Print Benefits

aokYou already have printers that are working well so why would you choose a Managed Print Service over the traditional printer fleet model of buying printer cartridges?Well, the benefits are wide and varied and whilst cost savings is always a key factor and one you can expect to feature highly as a reason to consider this option, it is only one of many. The benefits will vary depending on your current printing practices but you can expect to see any multiple of the following:

Cost savings and control

  • According to independent market research companies who implement a full Managed Print Service can save up to 30% against traditional printing methods
  • You can budget and plan your printing costs far more effectively, hence giving you far more control over your spend
  • By consolidating various vendors associated with the support of your fleet you can reduce your back office time and costs associated with managing your printer network
  • The requirement and associated costs with holding a spare set of cartridges are eliminated
  • The majority of Managed Print Services packages come with finance arrangements so you can roll out the solution without any capital expenditure. In the majority of cases the cost savings are such that there is still a huge saving even after the finance is paid


  • Greater control of supplies such as paper and toner will reduce wastage and the carbon footprint of your printer fleet
  • Introducing newer more energy efficient models into your fleet will reduce your demand for energy consumption and many now come with duplex or double sided printing as standard

User Satisfaction

  • Standardisation of the hardware and vendors will give a clear consistent offering to users that once trained will ensure greater ease of use
  • A single point of contact for the delivery of your printer environment will result is less downtime and greater user satisfaction as a result


  • Allow the organisation to focus on its core business and remove the need to commit resource or time to the printer network
  • Greater business continuity as one provider supports the entire printer environment which will reduce the risk of downtime and interrupted service
  • A proper Managed Print Service will be flexible enough to move with the changing needs of an organisation so that they can be accommodated well in to the future