When your cartridges are out of ink or show deterioration in print quality, carefully take the cartridges out of your printer and bring them to your nearest Cartridge Green store. We will refill them with ink, test them and return them to you with a cost saving. It’s as simple as 1,2,3!

Using Cartridge Green will save you money and will help our planet.

Love Your Cartridge

To extend the life of your cartridge we recommend that you refill your cartridge as soon as it shows signs of running out; a reduction in the
print quality is the best indicator rather than the on screen ink level gauges. It is important not to allow the printer head to dry out.

When your inkjet cartridge shows signs of running out:

  1. Remove it from the printer
  2. Place the cartridge in the protective removable clip provided by Cartridge Green
  3. If you do not have this clip wrap each cartridge in absorbent paper
  4. Place the cartridge back into its packaging
  5. Return it to your nearest Cartridge Green store for refilling.


Warning: do not touch the electrical contacts/chip on your inkjet cartridge as this may cause damage.

To install your refilled cartridge:

  1. 1. If your cartridge was sealed with a clip or tape*, remove this before inserting into the printer. *for Epson cartridges do not remove the blue tape
  2. 2. When the cartridge is installed into the printer it is recommended that you perform and head cleaning process prior to printing. This will assist in the ink flow and print quality.
  3. 3. Please retain and reuse any clips or packaging