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bannerIn advance of their first UK store opening, we take a look at this new and exciting franchise model and find out how Cartridge Green has become a market leader in only four years…
Cartridge Green is Ireland’s leading franchised supplier of printer cartridges and printing solutions for home and business users. Despite Ireland suffering its worst economic crisis over the past four years, Cartridge Green has managed to establish a strong network of franchised stores that are achieving significant double digit growth year-on-year.
According to Cartridge Green’s co-founder and Director of Franchising Nik Healy, “the Cartridge Green franchise model has been developed, tested and perfected over the last four years in Ireland for launch into the UK”. 2012 is going to be a great year for Cartridge Green with the first of five stores opening shortly in the South East. Commenting on Cartridge Green’s new franchise owners Healy stated that “we will be working extremely closely with our new franchise owners to assist them in achieving their goals in the shortest possible timeframe as well as continuing to attract ambitious business people to share Cartridge Green’s success in other parts of the UK”.
Healy added that “the key driver of Cartridge Green’s success has been innovation in how we deliver our products and services and our strong attention to brand identity and consistency. Cartridge Green isn’t your typical, dark, back street printer cartridge refill store. We have specifically designed products that offer great value and service for both home and business users and most importantly excellent profits for the franchise owner”
For the home user market Cartridge Green offer a product called “Club Cartridge Green” that allows users to embrace their freedom to print with ink for a year from only £69. Club members are encouraged to print more, be creative, print lots and have fun with their printers or as Cartridge Green puts it, “Be print happy”. According to Healy “Our Club numbers have soared in the last twelve months because our customers see the fantastic value that a membership offers”.
Cartridge Green’s corporate customers are serviced through a managed print service product called “Control Print”. Created specifically for small to medium sized businesses, it delivers savings of up to 75%, fixes printing costs and generates monthly reports for the customer on printer usage. Control Print also automatically resends supplies before the customer runs out.
According to Healy, “the attraction of Club Cartridge Green and Control Print as far as the franchise owner is concerned, is that it secures revenue for a fixed term, differentiates them from perceived competitors and neutralises competitive forces. However having great products is all well and good but an effective sales strategy is paramount if the business is to succeed”. Careful not to give away too much information on the actual sales methodology used, Healy added “our sales strategy ensures that franchise owners can upscale their business quickly without incurring the costs normally associated with such rapid growth”.
Healy finished by stating that “the potential for the Cartridge Green franchise model in the UK is huge because of higher urban population densities and lower levels of competition when compared to Ireland. Cartridge Green is a new and fresh brand entering the UK, the market is untapped and all the best territories are still available for single or multi unit franchises. If you are looking for something new, exciting and highly profitable then you should talk to us”.
This article appeared in The Franchise Magazine this month

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