Open A Cartridge Green Franchise – The Competition Will Hate You!

Founded in late 2007, Cartridge Green is now Irelands leading printer cartridge franchise. The brand has grown to 12 stores and despite Ireland suffering the most disastrous economic period in its history, 2011 is set to be our best year ever with stores achieving double digit growth.

Cartridge Green is now recruiting franchise owners for the UK. “Compared to the Irish market, the UK has half the number of cartridge stores per head of population. By achieving the same level of growth in the UK as we have already achieved in Ireland, the potential for the Cartridge Green brand in the UK is huge” said Director of Franchising, Nik Healy.

“The UK market is underserviced by a badly branded, fragmented industry which was similar to the Irish market pre 2007. Cartridge Green changed the Irish market by focusing on delivering high quality products in a better way” added Healy. The Cartridge Green system creates residual incomes for franchise owners from two distinct revenue streams using annual memberships for retail customers and fixed term agreements for business customers. These products are unique to the Cartridge Green system.

Existing franchises have achieved turnovers of over €250,000 (approx. £230,000) in towns with populations as low as 20,000 people. With a “doors open”, low start up cost of just £59,950 and strong residual cash flows, Cartridge Green franchise owners quickly achieve strong returns on their investment.


Cartridge Green is seeking ambitious, opportunistic and driven entrepreneurs to be the first to bring the brand into the UK. The successful candidates will receive unprecedented levels of support and strategic advice from the franchisor to ensure the initial stores exceed performance targets.


So if you feel you have what it takes to be;


  • one of the first to introduce Cartridge Green into the UK.
  • part of a dynamic, environmentally friendly brand that is always looking for new and more efficient ways to deliver its services and products.
  • part of a brand that customers trust and rely on over and over again.
  • part of a brand that is set to open over 200 stores in the UK.


….then please register your interest through and we will contact you directly to discuss the opportunity further.

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