Top 3 Things To Consider When Buying A Business Printer

b11. The cost to replace the cartridges and other parts and not just the cost of actual printer. In many cases, the cost to replace the cartridges equates to the cost of the printer! If this is the case then you should avoid buying this type of printer as the running cost will make it prohibitive to keep. You should also find out if the printer requires any additional parts such as imaging drums or fusers. These parts tend to be extremely expensive and lead to nasty financial surprises.

2. Does the printer come with full or starter cartridges and the page yield they print?

Many printers now come with “starter” cartridges with greatly reduced volumes. The concept behind starter cartridges is that they run out very soon after the printer is purchased so your true investment is the printer cost plus the full set of cartridges.

You should also consider the page yield of the cartridge and you should cross check this with the cost of the cartridges and other parts to determine the cost per page printed. If you are paying more than 8.5 cent per colour and 1.5 cent per black page, you are paying too much!

3. Does the printer match your requirements and print volumes?

Matching what you need the printer for and how much print volume you expect to generate and the printer that is appropriate and vital in picking the correct printer for you. If you buy a printer that is too small and you are print volumes are more than it is capable of handling, you will be spending much more on smaller cartridges. Additionally, the printer is more likely to give mechanical issues through overuse and the life of the machine reduces.

As a rule, you should always check the manufacturers recommended monthly


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